I'm Tressa - a lucky mom of three gorgeous daughters with personalities that are as vast as the stars, an Italian bread making husband and 2 Siamese cats that insist sleeping on my black sweater is the only place that will do.  I make silly faces way too often to make my girls laugh and feel like walks (especially on the beach) are calming to my soul.

I've always loved connecting with people, hearing their stories and appreciating how different we all are. Sixteen years ago I discovered that a camera and that love was a truly magical combination. It gave me courage and purpose to tell stories and document them so at any moment - you can look back and remember. Remember who you were, how you felt and how beautiful and loved you are. I dared to dream and took a leap of faith building this business and I've never looked back. I am blessed to do what I love!

I am based out of Rochester, NY but love to travel! Hope to see you soon!